Why Call Rosehill Roofing to Repair or Replace your Flat-Rubber Commercial Roof?

No one likes to have commercial roofing problems. yet, no matter what type of roof you install, it will eventually begin to wear out and leak. When it’s time to have your commercial rubber roof repair, Rosehill Roofing and Construction in Reynoldsburg, OH, is your best source for repair and replacement of rubber roofs.

For more than 10 years, Rosehill Roofing has served commercial roofing clients in the Columbus metro area. We have the staff and experience necessary to properly diagnose and recommend repairs or provide specifications and installation for a new roof.

Repair or Replace?

Our staff will gladly discuss our processes so you can make a solid decision on whether repairs or coating will solve your flat-rubber roof problems or if replacement is warranted.

Factors that determine whether you should repair or replace your commercial roof include:


Age is, by far the bet indicator of whether a roof requires replacement. Commercial EPDM rubber roofs last 15 to 20 years, depending on the thickness. The average life expectancy is 12.5 years if no maintenance is ever performed.

Roof Leaks 

Roof leaks indicate that your roof isn’t doing its job. If you only have an isolated leak, repair may be feasible, however, multiple leaks indicate a widespread problem.

Soaring Energy Bills 

If you have noticed that energy costs have soared in the past few years and can’t determine why, your roof may not be properly insulating your building.

Visible Roof Damage

If you have damage to flashing, cracks, bubbles or blisters in the membrane, water that ponds or does not drain effectively are all indicators that your roof needs to be replaced.


Advantages of Flat Rubber Roofing

A rubber roof is a smart investment for any commercial or industrial building as it increases protection while minimizing energy costs and unexpected repair or replacement. The synthetic rubber used in these applications are much more flexible than asphalt roof designs as the rubber materials will allow the roof to expand and contract according to the fluctuations in Columbus-area weather.

Ultimately, the best roofing material for your building depends on its structure, your budget and your building’s use. At Rosehill Roofing, we offer many roofing options and have installed hundreds of commercial roofs over the years. Contact us today for your flat-rubber roof repair or replacement.