What Does a Mitigation Company Actually Do?

A mitigation company is a company that specializes in helping homeowners clean up after a disaster and restore their property to its previous condition. Depending on the nature and extent of the disaster, the mitigation company may perform several different tasks.

One of the most common tasks a mitigation company does is water mitigation. This can involve removing water that enters the interior of the home from storm damage and flooding, or dealing with water from interior sources such as a burst pipe or sewage backup. In addition to removing water, a mitigation company will also dry out floors, furniture, insulation and drywall and clean and sanitize areas to make sure sure mold doesn’t grow.

Another common task for mitigation companies is cleaning up after a fire. Fires can be especially devastating, because not only is there fire damage, but there also is damage from smoke and water damage from the firefighting efforts. Mitigation companies will seal up the house to protect it from the elements, remove water and dry things out. The company will then go about removing smoke and soot from ceilings, walls and other surfaces. This will be followed by cleaning and sanitizing and, as with water damage, the mitigation company will make necessary repairs.

If your house does become infested with mold due to water damage, mitigation companies can come in, remove the mold and make your home safe to live in again. This can include removing sources of water, cleaning and sanitizing to contain mold that’s already present and prevent more mold from growing and removing sources of mold, such as damp drywall or carpet. Mold remediation might also include cleaning out air ducts and vents to remove mold spores that could cause respiratory problems.

Remediation companies also do other tasks related to disasters. They might clean up storm debris, such as from a tree that falls on your home. Other services might include cleaning up after an oil or other chemical spill or cleaning up bodily fluids such as blood from a crime scene. Not every remediation company provides such a wide range of services, as some choose to specialize in only in certain types of mitigation and remediation.

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