Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Home's Windows

Windows tend to be durable and have a long life span. However, there are some times that it is a very good idea to replace them. It may even be a necessity, if the bad condition of the windows is affecting important things like home security and energy efficiency. Here are the five best reasons homeowners should choose to replace windows.

The Window Frames Are Rotting

Older style windows were often made with wooden frames. When these frames rot significantly, they need to be replaced. Rotten window frames become so soft that a finger can literally push through them. Usually, wood rot on window frames is caused by moisture that is accumulating on the window.

Homeowners who like the durability and look of wood can replace them with vinyl-clad wood windows. These have wood frames that are covered in vinyl for greater protection against moisture.

Important Window Parts Are Broken

A broken glass on a window can be easily replaced, but sometimes broken parts are difficult to replace, if they are part of the overall window mechanism. An example of this is if the crank on an older casement window cracks off. An awning window is wonderful for ventilation, but if the window refuses to close completely, it may be time to replace it.

The Windows Are Too Old

Old windows can be leaky in the wintertime. In addition, when parts need to be replaced, as often happens with old windows, part replacement can be expensive and difficult. Manufacturers may no longer be in business, and custom sizes may be difficult to find.

It may be easier and less expensive to replace the entire window with something newer. New windows come in a variety of styles, so the chances are good that a reasonable match can be made to the older style of the home.

The House Is Going On The Market

People often are willing to make many changes before they attempt to sell a home, but they may ignore one of the most important selling points: the windows. If the home is beautifully decorated, but the windows are an eyesore, it's obvious to buyers. It may be a good idea to update the windows before putting it on the market, thereby increasing sales value.

It's Time For A Change

Homeowners may have just had enough of their current windows, or they may have seen some of the fantastic innovations in window styles and efficiency that are being produced today. Examples of this are windows that fully tilt in for easy cleaning, and windows that are manufactured to solve specific problems that today's homeowners may have to deal with, such as soundproof or storm-resistant windows.

Those who do need to replace their windows will be happy to discover the wide range of choices available to them. As a bonus, newer windows are highly energy efficient.

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